Encore Capital Group

Crafting an Enterprise Data-Driven CX Strategy for 20M+ Customers 
A new customer-centric approach for Encore Capital Group
Encore Capital Group’s mission is to create pathways to economic freedom, worldwide. But in order to do so, they needed to better understand their global customer base to provide best-in-class digital services, support, and experiences. While they prided themselves on authentic customer communication across analog channels such as one-on-one phone calls, they felt that their service on digital channels was falling short. BRINK conducted comprehensive research to develop new customer journey maps that identified the most critical moments and methods to engage with customers. Ultimately, this enabled Encore to reach targeted customer segments via new and effective CX activations spanning website, mobile, customer support, and digital events.  
Encore brought BRINK in to teach our company how to engage and service our over 20M customers across multiple regions. The end result is a strategy, plan, customer experience, and data model that enables personalization at scale.”
Encore Capital
Chief Information Officer


Stakeholder interviews

Data strategy

CX Strategy

Customer segmentation

Roadmap creation

Customer journey mapping

CX Activations

UX for web and mobile

Creative concepting for digital channels

Visual design

Encore Capital Group is a $2B global specialty finance company with operations and investments across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The company’s goal is to make credit accessible by partnering with consumers to restore their financial health. 
Modern customers increasingly expect service that is transparent, intuitive, and available anytime, anywhere. This is doubly true in the financial sector, where customers need timely and accurate information to make the right decisions. Encore Captial had over 22 million global customers, yet did not have access to key customer insights that could optimize a best-in-class digital experience. Customer data was being collected in an ad-hoc and siloed manner, with no single source of truth to organize that data and put it to work in meaningful ways.  
Key Challenges
  • Unify key internal stakeholder communication with IT
  • Recommend a single source to organize data for Encore Capital’s 22 million customers
  • Distill data into key insights and identifiable customer segments
  • Design personalized customer experiences that map onto key moments of the customer journey
BRINK was identified as the agency capable of diagnosing Encore Capital’s customer experience shortfalls and redesigning a data-driven approach to CX from the inside out. Thanks to our proven expertise in leveraging qualitative and quantitative data to build best-in-class experiences, Enore Capital trusted our team to come up with a strategic plan and CX activations that would better serve their customers and unify internal teams to achieve a common vision and goals.  
At BRINK, all clients benefit from executive accountability, authentic collaboration, and a talented team that truly immerses themselves in order to activate against growth goals with unparalleled creativity and efficiency.


BRINK needed to understand what customer data flowed to Encore Capital, where it went, what it meant, and what could be done with it to inform new and enhanced digital customer experiences. We began with interviews with Encore executives, which provided qualitative customer insights and revealed that Encore had a siloed internal organization with lines of business that were not connected to the IT team. Next, we dug into the data itself, allowing us to understand who Encore’s customers were, why they relied on Encore, and how they wanted to be engaged across channels.  



Once key customer insights were formulated, we architected the Encore Capital customer journey. Creating a journey map served to identify key moments that matter to customers so that digital activations could double-down on those important moments, serving customers in the best way possible. 



Putting Customer Data to Use, Today and Tomorrow  

New data models help Encore to continue to put customer data to use. They can now leverage current data to design, activate, and optimize digital CX programs quickly and efficiently. Insightful access to real-time data means that Encore can serve customers in more personalized, timely, and proactive ways than ever before. 

Encore Capital went from having limited customer intelligence to being a leader in data-driven customer service. New customer experiences have been activated across digital channels including website, mobile, customer support, and events, allowing them to engage and serve their global customers where and when it matters most. Today Encore Capital is producing over $2 billion under management and over $1.4 billion in revenue, with YOY growth from digital channels.