24 Hour Fitness

Updating the Digital Membership Experience for a Nationwide Fitness Franchise
A new login portal and digital user experience for 24 Hour Fitness members nationwide

During the pandemic, 24 Hour Fitness altered their membership requirements to allow for greater flexibility during challenging times. When Covid began to wane, the company was ready to return to a new and improved pre-pandemic membership strategy. BRINK stepped in to quickly alter the member experience by developing new ways for visitors to sign up for a membership, log in to their member portal, and locate gyms in their membership tier.


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24 Hour Fitness is the second-largest fitness chain in the United States. The privately owned chain operates in 11 states and features over 280 club locations. Founded in 1983, the company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.
In order to recapture pre-Covid membership policies and revenue, 24 Hour Fitness wanted to phase out pandemic policies that eliminated membership tiers and temporarily allowed all members to visit all clubs. This required updating their membership login portal in line with pre-pandemic functionality. Additionally, 24 Hour wanted to add brand new digital features that would allow members to initiate membership online — an event that took place exclusively in person prior to the pandemic.
Key Challenges
  • Develop a login portal for existing members on the 24 Hour Fitness website
  • Create a digital flow to allow new members to sign up online
  • Add geo-targeting features to simplify member searches for nearby club locations
  • Collaborate with the 24 Hour Fitness AEM and IT teams to deploy approved dev work and design solutions
  • Navigate changes to the project scope that took the project from pure development to technical implementation
The director of marketing technology at 24 Hour Fitness had a preexisting connection with BRINK leadership. She recognized that BRINK had the development skills and AEM expertise necessary to jump in and develop changes to the membership experience on a quick timeline, while collaborating seamlessly with internal teams.
At BRINK, all clients benefit from executive accountability, authentic collaboration, and a talented team that truly immerses themselves in order to activate against growth goals with unparalleled creativity and efficiency.


What began as a discrete dev project soon morphed into a multifaceted undertaking. In addition to development, 24 Hour Fitness desired creative design and technical implementation. BRINK consulted on potential strategies to update the member experience, and ultimately 24 Hour approved the adjustments that aligned with their vision for both new and existing members.



Prioritizing the Experience of New and Existing Members

Modifications to the website homepage design included three major elements: The membership navigation needed to include “New Membership” functionality that allowed visitors to sign up online versus in person; the “My24 Account” login needed to provide information on club membership tiers; and a new “Gyms Near Me” locator in the main navigation would simplify club location using geo-location. All design decisions were made with the user experience front and center.



BRINK worked with the 24 Hour AEM and IT services teams to launch the new website design elements, account management functionality, and UX experiences. Now, 24 Hour Fitness members can easily select and augment membership details online again, while new members can sign up digitally with no waiting period.

For two years during the pandemic, 24 Hour Fitness eliminated membership tiers. Today, not only are membership tiers active again, but the process for members to find clubs and update account details is easier than ever. 24 Hour Fitness is now set up to operate in a post-Covid world, and they — and their customers — are thriving as a result.