Program Management

Your engagement with BRINK deserves as much consideration and accountability as your own internal team would offer.

From scope development to project completion, our program management team works side by side with you and your integrated BRINK team to reduce complexities, manage resources effectively, and ensure success.
We are your trusted day-to-day partners who care about your progress and strive to build the deep understanding necessary to anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations.

Team and Client Stewardship

An outstanding project experience requires careful planning, clear communication, and efficient implementation. BRINK program managers consider everything from what collaboration model will produce the most effective communication to which type of dashboard will provide the best real-time insights to ensure project success. Your whole BRINK team will build meaningful relationships with you, but your project manager will be your voice in internal conversations and the voice of the team in conversations with you. You can count on your project manager to have the best interest of everyone at heart, ultimately producing business results while keeping everyone smiling.

Strategic Business and Roadmap Development

Every project is a stepping stone toward reaching a larger strategic business objective. Your program manager stays informed about your goals and how they relate to industry trends. We work with you and the rest of our team to develop monthly and annual roadmaps that build on current initiatives and ensure short-, mid-, and long-term success. We encourage healthy debates and challenge one another, because we believe these conversations help you invest your resources where they will produce the greatest value. Our eyes stay focused on the bigger picture, no matter how small our current engagement.

Scope, Time, and Budget Management

Project health requires integrity, trust, and accountability. Your BRINK program manager sets you up for success through planning and estimating, including timeline and launch management. We strive to earn your trust by managing your budget and timeline and over-delivering on project scope. More importantly, we pride ourselves on no surprises. As your partner, we facilitate frequent status conversations and reports that outline key risks, contingencies, assumptions, and open items. We always deliver weekly dashboards to capture a bird’s-eye view, and we’re readily available any time you want to workshop a solution.

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