Customer Experience

Driving growth begins by connecting with customers. We help brands do just that by designing elegant, useful, and engaging experiences that are grounded in research and data.

Our content strategy, visual design, and UX design practices each have distinct specialties, but as a group we’re distinguished by our integrated approach. We collaborate closely with one another and our clients to deliver fresh, holistic perspectives across branding, omnichannel campaign planning, and experience design.
We plan and develop smart, creative, and strategic content that fulfills your business needs and delights your customers.

Core Content Strategy

Effective content serves a strategic business goal and speaks to a specific audience. We dive deep into your business and customer needs to refine your messaging and help you develop a core content strategy that will offer the guidelines and guardrails you need to ensure your content does just that, consistently.


A brand’s vision and voice doesn’t start with us — it starts with you. That’s why we take the time for meaningful conversations and workshops that help us understand where your brand is and what you aspire to be. After refining messaging and strategy, visual design and voice and tone experts come together to bring your new brand to life across the digital spectrum. Then, we leave you with the editorial style guides you need to ensure consistent communication for years to come.

Campaigns and Copywriting

To capture attention and compel action, customers need to be met everywhere they are. BRINK brings together specialists from content, UX, visual design, and strategy to design and develop creative, omnichannel marketing campaigns that are compelling, on-brand, and drive growth.

Content Planning, Repurposing, and Writing

More content isn’t always better. We provide content marketing consulting to help you develop an editorial calendar backed by a meaningful strategic plan. Writing compelling content is key, but we’re also big fans of content repurposing: where an original content investment is turned into many valuable pieces. For example, one webinar can gain new momentum in the form of an e-book, blog posts, newsletter, short video snippets, social media posts, and more.

Content Personalization and Localization

Modern customers expect to see content that’s tailored to them. We design personalized content experiences that take into account who users are and where they live. Need to achieve personalized content at scale? Together with our technology team, we can help you put the right processes and platforms in place.

Content Design

Designing the most useable and intuitive content requires research and data. Our content strategists and UX designers work together to identify the right words, channels, structure, and format to remove barriers and inspire action.

Content Governance

Content has a lifecycle, and it doesn’t end after it’s published. We help you put processes in place for sensible workflows, audits, linking strategies, and content lifecycle decision-making.

We leverage research and data to identify moments that matter to your customers. Then, we craft experiences that are accessible and intuitive and align to business and user objectives.

Experience Research

Are you solving the right problem? Using data to define a problem is the first step to activating the right solution. We conduct user research, competitive analysis, analytics reviews, and stakeholder interviews to identify the user and technical problems that need solving.

Experience Definition

Collecting data doesn’t make it actionable. We bring together insights from experience research and connect the dots to define the touchpoints, digital interactions, and product features necessary to resolve the most challenging issues for our clients and their users.

Experience Mapping

Knowing where your customers are and what’s important to them during each step of the journey is key to developing compelling content and campaigns. We help clients identify moments that matter, and we work with our content and visual design teams to identify the right channels and craft the right touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Experience Design

Effective digital products require insight-driven design. We start with rapid prototyping, then test and validate designs to develop intuitive user interfaces that lower barriers and inspire engagement and action.

We craft design solutions that evoke emotion, inspire action, elevate your brand, and improve the aesthetic appeal and usability of end products.

Web and User Interface Design

Digital products rely on a strategic combination of look, feel, and interactivity. Our visual design and UX team members combine forces to design usable and aesthetically engaging interfaces for websites, mobile apps, games, software, and other digital experiences.

Brand Identity Design

At the heart, brand identity design is about customer perception. Brand design influences how your customers feel, think, and — if successful — act. Our visual design and content team members work hand-in-hand to define how a brand will be perceived. Next, we bring the brand to life with standout visual elements like logo design, color palettes, typography, and imagery. Finally, we develop a brand system and formal brand guidelines to ensure future consistency across all assets.

Video and Motion Graphics

Video assets and visual storytelling rank among the most compelling content for modern customers. From demo videos and sizzle reels to animation and motion graphics, we bring your brand to life and engage your audience through multiple senses.

Marketing Design

Persuasive advertising evokes emotion and inspires action. Our content and visual design teams work together to do just that, engaging with customers and bringing your brand and your message to life across the digital and physical advertising spectrum.

Design Governance

Effective design requires both pixel-perfection and technical execution. That’s why our visual design team collaborates with developers from ideation to deployment to ensure that design execution is flawless on all levels.

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