Data & Technology

We help clients identify and activate digital capabilities to make technology work for your organization, so you can focus on the core competencies of your business.

Our world-class engineering team takes a platform-agnostic approach to modernize your digital footprint through platform selection, enterprise architecture planning, and technology roadmapping — all through the lens of supporting your long-term business objectives.
In an ever-changing landscape of digital products, it can be overwhelming for organizations to understand the value and total cost of ownership (TCO) investment profiles of industry-leading platforms and emerging technologies.

Technology Strategy

•   Enterprise Platform Selection (CMS, CDP)
•   Digital Ecosystem Audit
•   Data & Insights Strategy
•   Digital Forecasting & Roadmapping

•   Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)
•   Adobe Cloud Platform
•   Braze

Web Development

•   Enterprise Platforms
•   Open Source Platforms
•   Custom Development

•   Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
•   Sitecore
•   Contentful
•   WordPress
•   Drupal

App Development

•   Hybrid Application Development
•   Progressive Web Application Development
•   Native Application Development

•   Ionic Framework
•   React Native
•   Angular
•   Android
•   Apple
•   Windows
•   Chrome

Cloud Engineering & Managed Services

It’s critical to consider how your digital products — and their accompanying data — are created, secured, and delivered to end users. The emergence of cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure has revolutionized the way organizations think about delivery and security, empowering makers with compute on demand and seemingly endless scale. However, without proper planning, configuration, and appropriate access controls, performance can degrade, costs can rise, and data security can be compromised. BRINK takes a holistic approach to cloud systems infrastructure — designing secure, scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems that maximize performance, minimize delivery costs, and secure data/systems.

•   Cloud Infrastructure & Systems Design
•   Infrastructure Monitoring & Maintenance
•   Data Security and Active Threat Identification
•   API Development & Data Unification
•   Internet of Things (IoT)

•   Amazon Web Services (AWS)
•   Microsoft Azure
•   Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
•   Cloudflare
•   API Development & Data Unification
•   Internet of Things (IoT)

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